Ultimate food spots in Amsterdam

Ultimate food spots in Amsterdam

1// SLA

SLA is an organic salad bar with the most amazing array of ingredients where you can grab one of their readily designed bowls or you can create your own. Everything is vegetarian and often vegan and gluten-free.


The BEST salad bowl I’ve ever eaten.

2// Pancakes and Waffles

As the name suggests it’s a pancake and waffle parlour with quite possibly the best waffle I’ve ever eaten! You can choose from savoury or sweet and then mix and match any toppings you want before going into a food coma.


I had the nutella and strawberry waffle.

3// Bagels & Beans

This is a really cutesy little bagel café with so many options catering for all from vegan all the way to bug eaters (yup they really did have a grasshopper, mealworm and cricket bagel on their menu!)


Tomato bagel with vegan red pepper cream cheese.

4// Nude Burger Club

This was right opposite our hotel which was super handy and it was a little burger bar serving all different kinds of burgers; beef, chicken, veggie etc. It was very simple but a great little quirky place with fast service and delicious food.


5// Le Pain Quotidien

I’ve recently discovered that they have this in and around London. It was a beautiful little café with wooden benches, cushions, plants (every instagrammer’s dream) and they served really delicious food from organic bread and pastries and cakes, to salads and hot dishes.


Crunola, soy yoghurt, banana, turmeric and berries.

Are there any places you’ve been to in Amsterdam with really good food?

Francesca Louise


“Good food, good mood.”


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