Brighton Vegan Festival 2018

Brighton Vegan Festival 2018

Last weekend (2nd and 3rd of June) me and my friend bought VIP tickets to Brighton’s Vegan Festival. Now I’m not strictly vegan but I am in the long process of transitioning fully. There’s a lot of stigma and controversy around veganism and being “partly vegan” and I’m not here to push my opinions on others or to receive criticism about not being fully vegan. Everyone has their own personal journey and opinions – no judgement here! (Sorry, just had to put that out there first!) It was a brilliant festival though, especially for someone transitioning to veganism with so many things to try and take part in. So I wanted to share my experience with you and I would love to hear from any of you who are vegan/transitioning – what was the hardest thing for you? What made you go vegan? Any tips for staying on track etc!

What I got with VIP tickets:

The VIP tickets cost £16.80 and were definitely worth it. It gave us entry to the festival both days, fast track entry (as in pushing in front of a queue of 100+ people with 0 waiting time) and an amazing goody bag full of magazines, snacks and products! My favourite things from the goody bag are:

1// Attis Hair Growth Shampoo Bar (which I am very excited to try)

2// June 2018 edition of “Vegan Life” magazine

3// Kettle Crisps Flaming Steak flavour (oh the irony)

4// June 2018 edition of “Plant Based the food revolution” with 75 vegan recipes


I may have eaten the crisps before I had chance to photograph them…

What I ate:

We were absolutely spoiled for choice with food with hot dogs, burgers, greek food, lasagne, cakes, ice cream, wraps etc. For lunch on the Saturday I opted for a “Red Devil” burger from The Green Grill which was amazing, so much so that I had the “Green Monster” burger on the Sunday. They may not look the most appetising but they are so flavoursome and I may have fallen ever so slightly in love with vegan mayo! I also had a HUGE slice of raspberry and chocolate cake and tried several samples of other food and drink. It was so amazing to see “normal” food that was vegan, delicious and not over seasoned with spices or coriander!


The Green Monster

What I bought:

There were so many stalls selling amazing products and food but (as expected) it was very expensive and I’m on a tight budget at the moment! However, I did make a few cheeky purchases:

1// Fit 4a KIING Activated Charcoal Exfoliating Face Mask and Activated Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste – £15

2// Creative Nature Superfoods bars – 20 for £15

3// Eco Glitter Fun makeover – £5

4// Friends not food sticker – £1

5// Rhubarb Cider – £3 for 1/2 pint

As well as all the stalls there were talks on about veganism, music, yoga sessions, circus skills and so many dogs to play with! It was a fab weekend with beautiful weather, amazing company and great vibes. It is an annual event so don’t worry if you missed it, you can always go next year! If you have any questions or have been to something similar before just drop me a message on instagram or leave a comment below!

Francesca Louise


Embrace the pace of your own journey.



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