My Top 10 Underrated Towns and Cities

My Top 10 Underrated Towns and Cities

Where to go to avoid the cliché travel destinations.

With over 4,000 cities spanning across 195 countries, it’s hard to decide where to travel to next. As beautiful as places like Banff, Paris, Phi Phi Islands and so on are, there’s a little thrill when you explore somewhere that hasn’t been plastered all over Instagram yet. It has taken a long time to compile my top 10 underrated towns and cities, and even now as I am writing this, I can think of more that deserve a place in the top 10.

  1. Flam, Norway – Norway is the most beautiful country I have visited and Flam captures all the natural beauty this Country is famous for. With it’s beautiful mountain ranges, quaint little houses and a train that takes you right through the waterfalls and mountains, Flam is an absolute must-see!Flam 2
  2. Mykonos, Greece – Mykonos is one of the Greek Islands but from the moment you step foot onto it, it feels like home. Every cobbled street is adorned with serene blues and whites and a row of 16th Century windmills over look the whole Island. It is an island of pure paradise – I assure you, once you’re there you’ll never want to leave!Mykonos
  3. Memphis, Tennessee USA – A place many have heard of but not many have visited. Memphis truly stole my heart and it is definitely on my list of places to return to! With the live blues and bars of Beale Street, fantastic food and drink and the home of Elvis Presley on your doorstep, you’re immediately transported back in time.IMG_3208
  4. Tallinn, Estonia – Tallinn has some of the most beautiful, medieval architecture and welcomes you in with it’s cobbled streets and old-fashioned chocolate and sweet shops – you’ll find yourself wondering whether you’ve been transported onto the film set of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! Tallinn
  5. Copenhagen, Denmark – Ever find yourself dreaming of those colourful houses perching alongside a river? If so Copenhagen is the place for you. With it’s fresh fish markets and instagrammable architecture there is something for everyone. Copenhagen
  6. Oia, Greece – Oia is a small village on possibly the most famously photographed Greek island, Santorini. With it’s dreamy white buildings overlooking the Agean Sea it is the perfect destination to sit back and relax.Santorini
  7. Bergen, Norway – Back to my favourite country, Norway. The reason I love Bergen so much is because it is your stereotypical idea of a Norwegian village. Colouful and quaint buildings line the streets and make it a perfect destination any time of the year. I’ve only ever been in the Summer but just imagine the village covered in snow with Christmas markets – there’s nowhere I would rather visit in the winter!Bergen 2
  8. St. Petersburg, Russia – Now I know this is a photo of Moscow BUT you can find so many beautiful churches that look just like this in St. Petersburg such as the Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood. You can also find the most ornate palaces and explore their incredible interiors and gardens. moscow
  9. Dallas, Texas USA – Texas is one of my favourite US states and Dallas is one of the reasons why. It is so beautiful and there are so many things to do! I particularly loved the tour of the AT&T stadium and visiting the 6th floor museum where you can see the very spot where Oswald shot JFK! Of course, no Texan town is complete without it’s fair share of cowboy paraphernalia and Wild Bill’s Western Store is the place to go!IMG_3488
  10. Stratford upon Avon, UK – Now I couldn’t complete my list without including somewhere in the UK. Having always had the desire to live in the US or Australia I often overlook the beauty of England. I was lucky enough to go to school in Stratford upon Avon, a town that thrives on culture. With the Royal Shakespeare Company Theatre on the edge of the river Avon and Shakespeare’s birthplace in the centre of Town, it is a place I feel privileged to live so close to. IMG_1614

So here they are – my top 10 underrated Towns and Cities across the world. I hope this has inspired you to perhaps plan a trip to somewhere less well known and to get out there and discover your own favourite underrated places!

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